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  • Do you feel that you have inside you a story that needs to be told?
  • Do you desire to make this story available to your audience, be it a select gathering of family and friends or to a broader range of readers?
  • Do you need help in nurturing to fruition this seed of your creative soul so that it reaches its finished form: a book?
  • Are you high on words but low on funds?


Let us help you reach your goal – even if you are on a tight deadline and have a tighter budget.
We offer itinerant writers a complete suite of services that will help them realise their dream of being published.
Over the 11-year period that we spent in conceptualising the AdvenChaar series, we have acquired intimate knowledge of the entire process of publishing: from ideation to putting the finished product on the bookshelves and on the net – in the skimpiest possible budget. During this journey, we managed all aspects of creating a book all the way to the finish line while also keeping a tight rein on the spending process.
We would like to offer a similar facility to intending writers who are prudent with their wallets while being prolific with their words.
Our services will include editing and formatting your output, getting cover art and internal art done, getting you an ISBN number and letting your idea reach the desired finished product – whether as an e-book, as a printed book or as a comic book.
Additional services include putting your product on the market, making your website and making the audience aware of what your creative side has birthed.
Should you feel that you need help in the actual writing process, we can assist you with that too.
As each such project is unique in its requirements, our treatment of your idea will also be custom-fitted. We will tailor-make your book in such a manner that it retains its uniqueness
If you need such help and have a specific budget in mind, let us know. We will attempt to fit as many of our services as we can into your financial plan.
Write to us with details of your idea, budget and requirements at: hitadvenchaar@gmail.com or contact us via the Facebook link provided.
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