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Welcome to adventure. Welcome to the AdvenChaar. Become an AdvenChaar Yaar. The AdvenChaar (A4) series is reminiscent of the tales of the intrepid youngsters that populated the pages of Enid Blyton’s books. It debuts with ‘ADVENCHAAR, ADVENTURE!’ This is Part One of the trilogy that is named ADVENCHAAR AND THE TREASURE IN THE TUNNELS (A4T4).

This three-part novel is targeted towards young adults and all ages thereafter. It follows the exploits of four youths in and around Pune and Mumbai and will also take readers to Japan, France and Singapore. Thirteen-year-old twins Amanat and Aman Shoor and the 12-year-old duo of Ayelan Jaanazad and Aura Baaz are the lead characters. They are assisted in A4T4 by three androids, the executives of a fictitious Japanese android company, a Maratha antiquarian and a mystic from Shivapur.

Other memorable characters that people the pages of A4T4 include joker-in-the-pack Dattu and the twins’ elders: parents Dhaal and Veera Shoor; and grandparents Lalkaar Shoor and Garjana Kaalipatram. From time to time, a motley group of fans and aides of the A4, collectively named the AdvenChaar Yaar, also appear when our youths have need of them. The inaugural tale spans the period between the early 1800s and the present day. In this trilogy, the AdvenChaar stumble upon the presence of a mammoth treasure trove that had been brought to Pune in the 19th century by a beleaguered South Indian Queen fleeing colonialist raiders and which had been hidden away in a tunnel maze.

In the process, our youngsters solve clues in several languages and create mayhem through self-created words, termed as ‘Auracles’ and ‘Ayeronies’. They also battle various villains including a gang-lord Vikathor Kupoot, his moll Nilajja, sundry other goons, evil Japanese androids and traitors and lead us onto the path of rightness using humour – lots of humour – intelligence, logic and violence – lots of violence. The trilogy is written and ready except for illustrations for Parts Two and Three. The art for Part One is largely done by Filipino comic artists who have worked for DC, Warren and Marvel Comics among others.

The front and back covers for Part One are done by Filipino pin-up artist Jun Lofamia. A4T4 spans around 320,000 words. Part One is about 500 pages as an e-book and 488 pages as a .pdf file / printed book. It contains 118,000 words, including appendices and the author’s afterword. Three chapters of ‘AdvenChaar, Adventure!’ are available for free download on the series’ website: www.advenchaar.com. Further free downloads include a chapter each from Parts Two and Three. The first part of A4T4 is ready to be launched as an e-book by mid-August 2016. The e-books for Parts Two and Three will be launched respectively in November and on January 26, 2017. Print versions of Part One will be printed and released on the receipt of a minimum pre-order initially.

Part One is also on sale as an e-book (in the .pdf and .epub formats) on the A4 website, and very soon, on Kindle as well. Interested readers can also pre-order print versions of all three parts and the e-books for Parts Two and Three. The print version of ‘Advenchaar, Adventure!’ will be printed and delivered on receipt of 100 pre-orders (for soft covers) or 50 pre-orders (for hard covers). Further, there is an inaugural discount offered for a month-long period from August 15, 2016 to September 14, 2016. Part One can be downloaded from the A4 website for the equivalent of Rs 500 (SG$10, US$7.50) instead of the equivalent of Rs 700. You can also order via email with the appropriate payment. For the rates of pre-ordered books, please refer to the A4 website. The entire series is planned to span at least five adventures. A .pdf file of Part One is provided on a CD for your perusal and review. Also included are illustrations and a .pdf file of this press release.

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